A conversation with Fish Go Deep (062, Oct 2013)

Fish Go Deep’s Greg Dowling and Shane Johnson are celebrating 25 years in the house music business this year. That’s 25 years all the way from Sweat in Sir Henry’s to a plethora of quality releases and their currently monthly run at Cork’s Pavilion.


There’s a full weekend of activities planned for the end of November in Cork and the duo will be playing at The Beatyard festival in Dublin on October 19.

As part of their trip to the capital, Banter will be hosting a conversation with Greg and Shane about their quarter-century run. Given the longstanding interest in Sir Henry’s (helped of late by Deep’s run during Dublin Fringe), the pair’s long run of quality productions and pop’s current fondness for the kind of deep house grooves Fish Go Deep were always plugging, this promises to be a fascinating encounter.

A conversation with Fish Go Deep takes place at the Twisted Pepper, Dublin on Saturday October 19. Doors open at 9pm and the Bantering gets underway at 9.30pm. Admission is free, but you need to sign up to the invite list here.