The Football Special (030, May 2012)

Best Banter ever? When we started this off in 2009, we never thought that we would (a) still be going three years later or (b) be able to persuade the legendary Bill O’Herlihy and Brian Kerr to join us for some Bantering.

But that’s how things have turned out. Bill, Brian and Miguel Delaney joined us for The Football Special as we looked back on the club football season, had a bit of a banter about various highlights, tut-tutted over various lowlights and reviewed the action at home and away. Of course, that was merely the preamble for a fantastic preview of the Euro 2012 championships.

Big thanks to all three panelists and the huge turnout for a cracking night. It was certainly the first time we’ve seen Banter panelists mobbed as they left the stage. We’ll have the “I Can’t Believe Bill O’Herlihy Is In the Twisted Pepper” t-shirts on sale soon.

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